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Our dream is to better the way we consume and get consumed. We believe by augmenting marketer’s bandwidth, backed by a co-creation model and modern technologies, we can build and nurture a healthy marketing environment, delivering excellence consistently.

Augentia redefines end to end marketing practice cycle in a dynamic manner and maps it to agile realities. We have deep domain expertise in the marketing areas that are of topmost concerns to marketers worldwide. Our marketing professionals, technologists, consultants & creative teams provide a strategic perspective, for the modern tech-savvy marketers.

Augentia is a pioneering effort to provide simple and flexible marketing services, with a customized touch by our experts, through the cloud. Agile and iterative, our service portfolio and engagement model caters to the dynamic needs of our clients.

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List of Speakers

10th NAR-INDIA Annual Convention will be held on 24th & 25th October 2018 at Bangalore.

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